A series of key visuals for Lexus Official Dealership Launch Campaign in Georgia.

Lexus is a lifestyle item. A signature. An indication of one’s passion for quality. People who drive Lexus, no matter where they’re headed, do it exceptionally. A stylish and highly refined car is a tool for self-expression idea was to create series of photos shot on various iconic locations of Georgia in Tbilisi, Kazbegi, and Batumi, showing how brand manages to make its owners stand out and be special.

Campaign message - The Art of Self expression
Tbilisi / Lexus RX
Kazbegi / Lexus LX 570
Batumi / Lexus LC
Shooting / Locations 
Shooting / Models
CGI & Post-Production
Final layouts
Client: Toyota Caucasus
Agency: DDB Betterfly
Concept: Jorg
Art Director: Jorg
CGI&Post-Production: Looma
Project Manager: Salome Shamugia
Photo: Vakhtang Alania ( Kikala Studio )
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